In support of Fringe NZ  Portfolio Projects will be constructing a kiosk aimed at increasing awareness of Fringe NZ and to act as a focal point of street theatre during the festival.


Purpose 1:          Increase awareness by the Wellington public of the Fringe NZ Festival.

Purpose 2:          Provide a central location for selling and distributing Fringe NZ merchandise.

Purpose 3:          Provide a performance venue for street theatre during Fringe NZ.


The Fringe NZ festival has occurred in Wellington since the early 1990s.  Audience numbers for Fringe events exceeded 350,000 in 2001. Estimated audience numbers for Fringe NZ events are 400,000.

Tickets for Fringe NZ events in 2002 will be sold through Ticketek outlets.  In previous years merchandising and information about the Fringe has been provided from a small stall located in Manners Mall.

The Fringe NZ occurs from 14 February 2002 through to 16 March 2002. 

Needs Identification

Discussions with Fringe NZ identified a need for an improved focal point for Fringe NZ information and merchandise.  In previous years a small stall has been borrowed from the Laugh Festival been located in Manners Mall.  This stall, however, is relatively inconspicuous, and probably results in reduced information provision and merchandising. 

Fringe NZ considers the current proposal would act as an ideal focal point and attraction to members of the public wanting to find out about Fringe NZ events.

Benefits for Sponsors

The benefits to sponsors are that the structure is innovative and will attract considerable positive attention. 

The sponsors will be associated with a dynamic and popular event.

The sponsors will be seen to be supporting Wellington as a centre for the arts.

The Kiosk will be located in an area of high pedestrian traffic. 

The Fringe NZ organisers have undertaken to arrange, where appropriate, media interviews in or on top of the Kiosk.

Sponsor logos will be prominent on the exterior walls of the structure.  Up to 32 square metres of display area will be available on the walls and railings of the kiosk.  Up to 48 square metres of display space will be available on the awnings of the structure.  An equivalent area of billboard space (as seven billboards) would cost $20,000 for one month.

Sponsorship Opportunities

There are two options available:

           Naming:  This gives you naming rights, and use of 75% of the advertising spaces.  This is valued at

           Shared: Advertising space will be allocated proportionate to value of sponsorship received.  There are two
           types of space available:  Prime and Secondary.  Prime space consists of all external walls and
           balustrades, and is valued at $500 per square metre.  Secondary space consists of the top and bottom
           sides of the awnings and the inside of the balustrade of the performance space, and is valued at $250 per
           square metre.  Space will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

(Please note that due to contractual arrangements between Wellington City Council and the TV2 Cuba Street Carnival that there are exclusive marketing rights in Cuba Street during the weekend of 22 - 24 February.  Sponsorship material not associated with this carnival will be removed during this period).

What will it look like?

A temporary structure will be erected on the corner of Manners and Cuba Malls to act as an information and merchandising kiosk for Fringe NZ 2002.  The roof of the structure will act as a display area for kinetic or dynamic art works and/or as a performance space for street theatre.

The structure will be built from scaffold poles, windbreak cloth, corrugated plastic sheeting.  Gas flares may be installed at the top of the structure, and would be visible from the Town Hall, the prow of the canoe in Te Aro Park (corner of Manners and Taranaki Streets), and from along Manners and Cuba Malls.  The structure would act as a landmark and beacon, attracting people to return to discover what is happening at the Fringe.


There are a number of potential audiences of the structure: people obtaining information or merchandise about Fringe NZ; audiences of performances or displays occurring on the platform; general pedestrians and vehicular traffic.  All buses travelling to southern suburbs will pass close to the structure.


The budget to purchase and hire materials, and construct, maintain and dismantle the kiosk is $17,000.  Fringe NZ will contribute $2000 towards the cost of the Kiosk.  Sponsors are being approached to fund the balance.


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